University of Michigan Library Three-Tiered High-Level Browse Categories

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Architecture - [Call numbers]
Art and Design - [Call numbers]
Art History - [Call numbers]
Dance - [Call numbers]
Film and Video Studies - [Call numbers]
Landscape Architecture - [Call numbers]
Music - [Call numbers]
Theatre and Drama - [Call numbers]
BooksóConservation and restoration
Business (General) - [Call numbers]
Careers - [Call numbers]
Companies and Industry - [Call numbers]
Entrepreneurship - [Call numbers]
Finance - [Call numbers]
International Business - [Call numbers]
Management - [Call numbers]
Marketing - [Call numbers]
Aerospace Engineering - [Call numbers]
Automotive Engineering - [Call numbers]
Biomedical Engineering - [Call numbers]
Chemical Engineering - [Call numbers]
Civil Engineering - [Call numbers]
Climate Sciences - [Call numbers]
Computer Science - [Call numbers]
Electrical Engineering - [Call numbers]
Energy - [Call numbers]
Engineering (General) - [Call numbers]
Engineering Education - [Call numbers]
Entrepreneurship - [Call numbers]
Environmental Engineering - [Call numbers]
Industrial and Operations Engineering - [Call numbers]
Manufacturing - [Call numbers]
Materials Science and Engineering - [Call numbers]
Mechanical Engineering - [Call numbers]
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering - [Call numbers]
Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences - [Call numbers]
Patents and Trademarks - [Call numbers]
Pharmaceutical Engineering - [Call numbers]
Robotics - [Call numbers]
Space Sciences and Engineering - [Call numbers]
Transportation - [Call numbers]
General Information Sources
Archives and Manuscripts - [Call numbers]
Books - [Call numbers]
Dictionaries - [Call numbers]
Directories - [Call numbers]
Encyclopedias - [Call numbers]
Grants and Fundraising - [Call numbers]
Images and Videos - [Call numbers]
Journals and Magazines - [Call numbers]
Organizations and Businesses - [Call numbers]
People (Biography and Contact Information) - [Call numbers]
Places - [Call numbers]
Reviews (of Books, Movies, Plays, etc.) - [Call numbers]
Search Engines - [Call numbers]
Statistical Facts and Figures - [Call numbers]
Government, Politics and Law
Government Information
International Government Information - [Call numbers]
State and Local Government Information - [Call numbers]
U.S. Government Information - [Call numbers]
Law and Legal Studies - [Call numbers]
Patents and Trademarks - [Call numbers]
Political Science - [Call numbers]
Public Policy
International Public Policy - [Call numbers]
Science Policy - [Call numbers]
State and Local Policy - [Call numbers]
U.S. Domestic Policy - [Call numbers]
Health Sciences
Allergy and Clinical Immunology - [Call numbers]
Anesthesiology - [Call numbers]
Biological Chemistry - [Call numbers]
Biomedical Engineering - [Call numbers]
Biostatistics - [Call numbers]
Cardiovascular Medicine - [Call numbers]
Dentistry - [Call numbers]
Dermatology - [Call numbers]
Emergency Medicine - [Call numbers]
Endocrinology - [Call numbers]
Environmental Health Sciences - [Call numbers]
Epidemiology - [Call numbers]
Family Medicine - [Call numbers]
Gastroenterology - [Call numbers]
Geriatric Medicine - [Call numbers]
Health Behavior and Health Education - [Call numbers]
Health Management and Policy - [Call numbers]
Hematology and Oncology
Radiation Oncology - [Call numbers]
Human Genetics - [Call numbers]
Infectious Diseases - [Call numbers]
Integrative Medicine - [Call numbers]
Internal Medicine - [Call numbers]
Kinesiology and Sports - [Call numbers]
Medical Education - [Call numbers]
Medicine (General) - [Call numbers]
Microbiology and Immunology - [Call numbers]
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology - [Call numbers]
Nephrology - [Call numbers]
Neurology and Neurosciences - [Call numbers]
Neurosurgery - [Call numbers]
Nursing - [Call numbers]
Obstetrics and Gynecology - [Call numbers]
Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences - [Call numbers]
Orthopaedic Surgery - [Call numbers]
Otolaryngology - [Call numbers]
Pathology - [Call numbers]
Pediatrics - [Call numbers]
Pharmacy and Pharmacology - [Call numbers]
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - [Call numbers]
Physiology - [Call numbers]
Psychiatry - [Call numbers]
Public Health (General) - [Call numbers]
Pulmonary Medicine - [Call numbers]
Radiology - [Call numbers]
Rheumatology - [Call numbers]
Surgery - [Call numbers]
Urology - [Call numbers]
American Culture - [Call numbers]
Asian Languages and Cultures - [Call numbers]
Classical Studies - [Call numbers]
English Language and Literature - [Call numbers]
General and Comparative Literature - [Call numbers]
Germanic Languages and Literatures - [Call numbers]
History (General) - [Call numbers]
Humanities (General) - [Call numbers]
Judaic Studies - [Call numbers]
Linguistics - [Call numbers]
Museum Studies - [Call numbers]
Philosophy - [Call numbers]
Religious Studies - [Call numbers]
Romance Languages and Literatures
French Language and Literatures - [Call numbers]
Italian Language and Literatures - [Call numbers]
Portuguese Language and Literatures - [Call numbers]
Spanish Language and Literatures - [Call numbers]
Scandinavian Languages and Literatures - [Call numbers]
Slavic Languages and Literatures - [Call numbers]
United States History - [Call numbers]
International Studies
African Studies - [Call numbers]
Asian Studies
Central Asian and Caucasian Studies - [Call numbers]
Chinese Studies - [Call numbers]
East Asian Studies - [Call numbers]
Japanese Studies - [Call numbers]
Korean Studies - [Call numbers]
Pacific/Australia/New Zealand Studies - [Call numbers]
South Asian Studies - [Call numbers]
Southeast Asian Studies - [Call numbers]
European Studies
Armenian Studies - [Call numbers]
British and Irish Studies - [Call numbers]
Czech and Slovak Studies - [Call numbers]
European Union Studies - [Call numbers]
French Studies - [Call numbers]
Germanic Studies - [Call numbers]
Iberian Studies - [Call numbers]
Italian Studies - [Call numbers]
Modern Greek Studies - [Call numbers]
Polish Studies - [Call numbers]
Russian Studies - [Call numbers]
Scandinavian Studies - [Call numbers]
Slavic and East European Studies - [Call numbers]
Southeast European Studies - [Call numbers]
Latin American and Caribbean Studies - [Call numbers]
Middle Eastern, Near Eastern and North African Studies - [Call numbers]
News and Current Events
Academic and Specialized News - [Call numbers]
Business News - [Call numbers]
Conservative and Liberal Perspectives
Conservative Perspectives - [Call numbers]
Liberal Perspectives - [Call numbers]
Multiple Perspectives - [Call numbers]
Historical News Sources - [Call numbers]
International News - [Call numbers]
Michigan News - [Call numbers]
News Magazines - [Call numbers]
U.S. News - [Call numbers]
Astronomy and Astrophysics - [Call numbers]
Botany - [Call numbers]
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - [Call numbers]
Microbiology and Immunology - [Call numbers]
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology - [Call numbers]
Zoology - [Call numbers]
Chemical Engineering - [Call numbers]
Analytical Chemistry - [Call numbers]
Biological Chemistry - [Call numbers]
Inorganic Chemistry - [Call numbers]
Organic Chemistry - [Call numbers]
Physical Chemistry - [Call numbers]
Climate Sciences - [Call numbers]
Earth and Environmental Sciences - [Call numbers]
Environment and Sustainability - [Call numbers]
Genetics - [Call numbers]
Landscape Architecture - [Call numbers]
Mathematics - [Call numbers]
Physics - [Call numbers]
Physiology - [Call numbers]
Science (General) - [Call numbers]
Space Sciences and Engineering - [Call numbers]
Statistics (Mathematical) - [Call numbers]
Social Sciences
African American Studies - [Call numbers]
Anthropology - [Call numbers]
Arab-American Studies - [Call numbers]
Archaeology - [Call numbers]
Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies - [Call numbers]
Communication Studies - [Call numbers]
Disability Studies - [Call numbers]
Economics - [Call numbers]
Education - [Call numbers]
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Studies - [Call numbers]
Geography and Maps - [Call numbers]
Information Science
Archives & Record Management - [Call numbers]
Human Computer Interaction - [Call numbers]
Library Science - [Call numbers]
Judaic Studies - [Call numbers]
Kinesiology and Sports - [Call numbers]
Latina/o Studies - [Call numbers]
Multiracial Studies - [Call numbers]
Native American Studies - [Call numbers]
Population and Demography - [Call numbers]
Psychology - [Call numbers]
Social Sciences (General) - [Call numbers]
Social Work - [Call numbers]
Sociology - [Call numbers]
Statistics and Numeric Data - [Call numbers]
Urban Planning - [Call numbers]
Women's and Gender Studies - [Call numbers]