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  • News Sources

    Recommended resources and search tips for finding news in a variety of formats. Includes how to find international newspapers, historical newspapers, articles with a particular viewpoint, how to evaluate sources, and much more.

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  • Anti-Racism/Covid-19

    This research guide focuses on anti-racism within the context of Southeast Michigan. We are reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic, where we saw Black communities disproportionately affected by the disease because of disparities in race. 

  • Communication and Media

    Resources related to the study of mass media and communication, including health communication, political communication, gender and race, global and new media, media policy, social media, journalism, and print and broadcast history, among other topics. Re

  • Congress

    Use for researching Congress or finding Congressional documents like bills. laws, legislation, serial set, debate, Congressional Record, CRS reports, primary source documents, hearings, prints, reports and policy.

  • Detroit

    All things Detroit. Serves as a clearinghouse for information on Detroit, including blogs; community agencies, organizations, and initiatives; city government information; and suburban communities of southeast Michigan.

  • "Fake News," Lies and Propaganda: How to Sort Fact from Fiction

  • Social Media Research Guide

    Guide to sources of social media data including Twitter, Facebook and others as well as resources on research methods and using social media data ethically in scholarship

  • Taubman Health Sciences Library: Diversity,Equity, Inclusion

  • Top Ten Databases to Start Your Undergraduate Research

    Article resources to try when starting an undergraduate research project.