Starting with Understanding for a Blogs Platform Redesign

Sculpture of the word "understanding." Located in København, Danmark.

A redesign of the library blogs platform kicked off last fall with time dedicated to understanding the current site and its usage, reviewing what other libraries do, and conducting a needs assessment survey with stakeholders. This approach has allowed efficient decision making and informed requirements, while engaging stakeholders early in the redesign process.

New Online Exhibit: Greek Manuscripts at the University of Michigan Library: A Celebration

A full page illuminaton showing the Heavenly Ladder, representing monks, aided by angels, ascending the ladder towards Christ in Heaven. John Klimax (John Scholastikos), Scala Paradisi (The Heavenly Ladder). John Klimax (John Scholastikos), Liber ad Pastorem (To the Shepherd). Constantinople, the Hodegon Monastery, May 15, 1371 Parchment, 243 fols; 283-287 x 210-212 mm; Fol. 13v.

We are very pleased to announce a new digital exhibit highlighting some extraordinary Greek manuscripts from our collections: Greek Manuscripts at the University of Michigan Library: A Celebration. This virtual exhibition accompanies, and expands, the physical exhibit of the same name shown at the Audubon Room (Hatcher Library North) from March 26 to June 28, 2022. The online exhibit is also available inside the Audubon Room: visitors are welcomed to further explore, and zoom-in on, other...

Image Digital Collections Getting a Modern Interface

Gallery View of new interface for image digital collections.

It’s been nearly a decade since we last refreshed our image digital collections. At that time, we created a standard web template, constructed consistent help pages, cleaned up our collection home pages, and built what was at the time an easier way to view and interact with the images in the interface. This time, we’re doing more! We have a brand-new interface and a number of additional and improved features.

Behind the Scenes of Book Conservation: International Good Roads Tour Scrapbook

Photographs show before (left) and after (right) treatment. The matching adhesive stains can be seen on the back of the map and the back cover of the scrapbook. The “after treatment” photo shows the final step of treatment which involves placing each page into a Mylar “L” sleeve, protecting the object while keeping it accessible.

Conservation Technician, Brooke Adams, describes the complex treatment of an International Good Roads Tour Scrapbook, part of SCRC's Transportation History Collection. The scrapbook was compiled by William Sydnor Gilbreath Sr., a businessman and strong supporter of the Good Roads Movement (GRM). The scrapbook was created during Gilbreath’s participation in the 1920 International Good Roads Tour through Michigan and southeastern Ontario.


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