The Responsibilities of a Curator: A Student Perspective

During my university experience, I have been busy and rushed, running to one activity after another. I am pursuing a double major in History and Classical Archaeology while at the same time taking heavy course loads to graduate early. The Michigan Library Scholars Program was the first time I was able to slow down to study and appreciate a historical event. It gave me the opportunity to develop a lot of different skills, and gave me the confidence to move forward into the working world next...

Preserving History One Website at a Time

Working for the Elections in Africa Web Collection project as part of the Michigan Library Scholars Program helped me develop valuable skills in project management, technical web archiving abilities, and knowledge on African politics. Though there were obstacles in approaching the wide range of content and the limitations of the Archive-It tool, I greatly improved in my capacity to adapt and problem solve as a contributor to this project.

Some Pride Book Picks by the Student Library Engagement Ambassadors

Book cover featuring a black and white photograph of a black woman with short hair. Varying blue line designs cover part of her figure.

Happy Pride Month! Diverse representation of LGBTQ+ folks is extremely important, and at the University of Michigan, we want to foster a community of welcoming and acceptance all year round. As parades and festivals continue, you can celebrate or expose yourself to LGBTQ+ characters, authors, and themes in the comfort of your own home through a book! Happy reading!

Launching the Digital Preservation Assessment

A grid of nine abstract representations of people and computers rendered in a generic style of illustration. Blurry pastel colors on white backgrounds seem to suggest floating computer screens and groups of human figures in conversation. Note: DALL·E mini is open source. AI-generated images do not fall under copyright because they lack the element of human creative expression. Source:

The University of Michigan Library’s efforts to develop our digital preservation program created an opportunity to request additional support during the annual budget cycle. With only a few months to draft recommendations, the Digital Preservation Steering Committee performed an assessment survey to gather feedback from stakeholders across the library.


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