Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

Cover of Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

Magpie Murders is a clever mystery within a mystery. It begins with Susan Ryeland, an editor for a London publishing house, reading the last manuscript by a recently deceased mystery author. Then you read the manuscript along with her: a classic English village mystery in the style of Agatha Christie. Frustratingly, it cuts off just before the solution is revealed, and the rest of the book returns to the present day as Susan searches for the missing chapters. Soon enough you learn that the...

Discovering a Forgery: Jupiter's Real Moons and U-M's Fake Galileo Manuscript

Lower half of a one-page manuscript falsely attributed to Galileo Galilei. Allegedly, the document includes a draft letter to the Doge of Venice (1609) and Galileo's telescopic observations of the moons of Jupiter from January 7 to January 15,1610.

We are pleased to invite you to a panel regarding the discovery of the forgery of our Galileo manuscript: October 6, @7:00 pm. Hosted by the U-M Detroit Observatory in Ann Arbor, Nick Wilding (Georgia State University) and Pablo Alvarez (University of Michigan Library) will be discussing various aspects surrounding this extraordinary document, including its alleged historical significance, the fascinating process establishing it as a 20th-century fake, and the lessons that we can all learn from...

The Dead Cry Justice by Rosemary Simpson

Cover of The Dead Cry Justice by Rosemary Simpson

In this mystery, one of a series set in Gilded Age New York, Prudence MacKenzie, a judge's daughter turned detective, and Geoffrey Hunter, a former Pinkerton agent, search for two missing children--a brother and sister--in the streets of New York. They learn that the missing girl has been sold into prostitution, and, with the help of historical figures such as Jacob Riis and Nellie Bly, attempt to rescue the children. The book paints a detailed portrait of life in New York in the 1890s,...


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