People of the Library: Diana Perpich

Diana Perpich

Diana Perpich

Diana Perpich

1.What is your role/position? Interests? Background?

I believe I am officially an “Educational Technologies Librarian”

I originally graduated with a degree in Communications, then got a 2nd BA in English and a teaching certificate. I taught middle school and high school for 12 years, and I received my Masters in Educational Technologies while I was still teaching high school. Besides teaching students English and journalism, I started teaching my colleagues how to use basic programs and some specialized stuff with their own students. Eventually, schools started to have access to the internet in computer labs, and I was in charge of our school lab when I wasn’t teaching. I started at U-M in 2000, right about the time that the web was opening up to everyday folks.

2. What library resources do you think many students aren’t aware of that you think they should

I don’t think students can be aware of EVERYTHING. There’s just too much available here.  I’m guessing maybe even I’m unaware of some of the opportunities and resources.

3. What is your favorite Umich Library? Why?

My favorite depends on the specific thing I’m looking for on any given day. I am definitely old school and love to wander the stacks of Hatcher and pull a book off the shelf when a title strikes me. I almost never check out a book that I find this way, but I have been known to stand there and read a chapter or two or take the book back to my desk. My favorite part of wandering the stacks is the surprising connections that seem to come out of the blue — something old relating to something new; something academic relating to my personal life.

Another one of my favorites is the Askwith Media Library-My office is right around the corner and I probably borrow about 10 movies a month.