People of the Library: Alexandra Stark

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Alexandra Stark

People of the Library is an ongoing series brought to you by a group of students called the Michigan Library Engagement Collaborative.  They will interview library staff as well as the students, faculty and community members who use our Library.  

Alexandra Stark

1. What is your role/position? Interests? Background?

Position: I'm the Digital Education Librarian for the University of Michigan Library. 

Background: I grew up on a family farm in rural Wisconsin. I have a Bachelor of Arts in African History, American History, Political Science, and a minor in African Studies from the University of Wisconsin. I also have a Masters of Arts in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin.

Work interests: 
I am interested in the role of technology in higher education, information literacy instruction, and academic libraries. I focus on how educational technology can enhance active learning and learner-centered library instruction at the University of Michigan.

Life Interests:
I am a huge college football and basketball fan, Go Blue and On Wisconsin! I have a bulldog named Mr. Beefy that I spoil rotten. In my free time I enjoy cooking, playing volleyball, trying new craft beers, and watching Game of Thrones. 

2. What library resources do you think many students aren’t aware of that you think they should be?

We have so many great subject databases, which allow you to access a massive amount of resources. I often think students get acquainted with a few of these and never explore the others. Improve your research by exploring the databases by subject and finding the right one for your topic! Also, I don't think students are aware of the great DVD collection at the Askwith Media Library. Want to watch something that isn't on Netflix? Askwith will likely have it. I recommend checking out the seasons of Game of Thrones or the original
Star Wars trilogy! 

3. What is your favorite U-M Library? Why?

Clark Library. I love seeing the exhibits every time they change. It really makes you appreciate the depth of resources the Libraries provide to students. It also has darker lighting, limited seating, and is usually quiet. It's a great place to study if you need to get away from the noise of the UGLI. 

4. How do you want to see students engage with the library?

I want students to realize that the library is a space meant for them! The library and librarians are here to partner with you so that you can have the best possible experience at the University of Michigan. The library is the place to come if you need research support, technology assistance, or just a place to feel comfortable and welcome. Librarians enter this career because we enjoy helping and talking to people. I promise no librarian will ever give you a dirty look and say "shhh!". To be honest I think most days we are louder than the students.