Engaged Learning with the Library Student Engagement Ambassadors

Stephanie Dooper, Library Student Engagement Program Assistant 

Photo taken by a Library Student Engagement Ambassador 


The library is more than a place to read, study, or research. As the Graduate Intern for the Library Student Engagement Program I have found that library to be a place that stimulates creativity, fosters self-efficacy, and even creates a bit of fun. To me, the library has become a place for growth, where engaged learning is not merely in a classroom, but also in the place that prepares students for the classroom. As the program assistant for the Library Student Engagement Ambassadors, I see this transformative learning firsthand, and even better, I experience it alongside the students I mentor.

The Student Engagement Ambassadors Program is comprised of seven undergraduate students from a variety of academic years and disciplines. Throughout this year, the students have worked on various programming events and social media campaigns. They have worked diligently to create collaborative, capturing, and captivating social media posts and have orchestrated various programming events: free headshots in partnership with the University Career Center, an #UGLIstudytips campaign around finals, and an upcoming event surrounding sustainability initiatives. The students continue to amaze me with their original ideas, unique perspectives and the initiative they exhibit. 

This experience has been gratifying in a multitude of ways. In addition to forming impactful relationships with the students, I have enjoyed seeing this program, and the student Ambassadors, transform throughout the year. Indeed, many of the students echoed my own observations of the program by expressing that this experience has enhanced their creativity, empowered them to use their voice, and has been an opportunity to take educational and creative risks. Indeed, many aspects of this program that reflect CRLT’s engaged learning goals:

  • Creativity
  • Intercultural engagement
  • Social/civic responsibility and ethical reasoning
  • Communication, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Self-agency, and the ability to innovate and take risks

You can hear more about the Library Student Engagement Ambassadors Experience by attending their panel at the Engagement Symposium on Tuesday, April 11, from 10:00-11:30am. I encourage you to come hear from the ambassadors themselves—they have many great insights to share!