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Student Spotlight: Gloria Chun

What brought you to the Shapiro Design Lab? I actually came to the SDL in search for a new job after my work study job ended. I thought that I would make the most of losing my work study and find something that had less mundane activities and more interesting work. With a Mechanical Engineering degree, I thought I could perhaps apply my knowledge outside of the classroom and project groups. I came across the SDL application by word and applied! After an interview with Justin, I was hired! That...

Workshop Q&A: Prototyping Throughout the Design Process

Why did you choose to attend this workshop? The Center for Socially-Engaged Design works with students who want to make a conscious effort to design and engineer for a more sustainable, inclusive, and culturally-accepted future. As a part of BLUElab, I looked into their online programs and came across many workshops that can be done online with an in-person coaching session at the end to complete the training.

Full Circle

My first year at the Shapiro Design Lab is ending at this moment, as I sit in the Lab writing this blog post during my last Open Workshop shift. I have worked on many projects, consulted a few university course teams, and attended many campus-wide workshops. Through them all, I have gained a wonderfully positive view on the Lab and its ability to bring so much knowledge to one time and place.

Unconscious Bias in Everyday Life

The goals of the workshop were to understand the science and research of unconscious bias, to become our own background and its impact on our perceptions, to identify how bias and the processes of the unconscious mind can impact decisions and results, and to apply new strategies for practicing more conscious awareness so that we are better able to advocate for inclusion in our organizations.