What to Read Next

Cover of Murakami's Kishidancho-gorōshi

Murakami Haruki's new novel, Kishidanchō-goroshi.

Classes are over, and commencement is coming up soon. Just a month after its debut, our blog is going to change the pace of its posts, from weekly to monthly, until the new academic year starts in September. But first, some summer reading recommendations.

Murakami Haruki’s latest novel, Kishidanchō-goroshi (Killing Commendatore) has been published in Japan, and both of its thick volumes have been added to our library collection. If past experience is any indication, the English translation could be two years away. While waiting for it, you can read more about it here. Or you can go back and read or reread some of his earlier works, such as 1Q84, which is available as an e-book in English and in three hardcover volumes in the original Japanese.