Everybody's Talking about Our Chinese Dance Collection

Photo of exhibit curators Emily Wilcox and Liangyu Fu

Assistant Professor Emily Wilcox and Chinese Studies Librarian Liangyu Fu, co-curators of the exhibition.

Coverage of the exhibition in our own library news was a given, but the story has gone far beyond that. The Chinese news agency Xinhua posted an article about it on its New China site. Subsequently the agency's TV news network aired a story about it. Global Michigan published a beautifully illustrated piece as well: don't miss the short interview with the curators, which is accessible by clicking the Play button on the dancer photo. China Daily picked up the Xinhua item but for some reason relocated the exhibition to Chicago! Actually, we may take it on the road; if it happens, you'll hear it from this blog first.

Thanks to Xinhua, there is also a lot of Chinese-language coverage. A quick search in Baidu revealed that the story has been picked up electronically by Sina, People's Daily Online, China Youth, and many others. It has also been carried over intoprint.    

This just in: World Journal, the largest Chinese newspaper in the United States, published an article about the collection in print and online.

We will continue adding new links to coverage here. 

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