Tools and Features in CTools

As you get ready to set up your course sites, you might find this list of all of the Ctools tools and their uses helpful. For further information see the CTools Help Page. Please contact me directly at if you have any questions about CTools or need help setting up your site.

Announcements -- For posting information
Assignments -- For private submission and grading of coursework
BlueReview -- For linking to lecture recordings hosted on BlueReview
CAEN Lecture Recording -- For linking to lecture recordings hosted by CAEN
Chat Room -- For posting messages among site participants in real time
Drop Box -- For private file sharing between instructors and students
Email Archive -- For displaying email sent to the site
Engineering Honor Code -- For displaying your course honor policy (Engineering courses only)
Forums -- For posting topics and responses
Gradebook -- For posting grades, either entered directly or imported from other tools
i>clicker Sakai i>clicker Plugin - integrates Sakai and i>clicker products
iTunes U -- For distributing media using iTunes
LectureTools -- For enabling live interactivity during lecture sessions
Library Help -- For instant-messaging with a UM librarian
M+Box -- For storing and sharing files in your M+Box account
Messages -- For posting messages directly to individual site participants
Modules -- For building and displaying sequenced learning materials
News -- For displaying RSS and other -- Forms of syndicated web content
Piazza -- For students to ask and answer questions under the guidance of their instructor
Podcasts -- For distributing media
Polls -- For collecting feedback on a given question
Resources -- For posting documents, website URLs, etc.
Schedule -- For posting deadlines, events, etc.
Site Info -- For modifying site properties and participants
Syllabus -- For posting a summary, outline, or requirements
Test Center -- For building and distributing assessments (e.g., quizzes)
Web Content -- For displaying standard web pages
Wiki -- For collaborative authoring of pages and content