Materials Collection gets new/improved space

Please stop by the NEW Materials Collection space in the library! The collection is located on the 2nd floor of the library on east side of the main floor (above Mujo's). The room is open  from 8am to midnight (Mon-Thurs), 8am to 9pm (Fri), 10am to 6pm (Sat), and noon to midnight (Sun).

We envision the space as a creative place meant both to inspire and to inform. You can see and touch over 400 samples of a variety of innovative materials from a company called Material ConneXion. We also have access to their database which provides information on those materials plus another 6,000 or so. We'll be adding purchased materials to the collection, mostly at the request of faculty. These additional materials will represent basic samples of metals, woods, fabrics, etc. We're also providing group project space. Though we're "open for business" now, we are still moving some storage cabinets and other materials into the space over the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned for an official open-house celebration early in the new year!