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January Recipe of the Month: Golden Loaf of South Carolina

A loaf of bread on a plate.

This month's recipe is "the Golden Loaf of South Carolina" from Sarah Tyson Rorer's 1899 _Bread and Bread-making: How to Make Many Varieties Easily and with the Best Results_ Rorer was involved in the Cooking School Movement, which advocated for standard measures and exact directions in recipes. While the recipe below is not as explicit as what a 21st century cookbook reader is used to, it goes into considerable detail compared to the average late-19th c. bread “receipt”

Beware! The Grey Drone-Fly is Watching You!

Plate 24, on the eyes and head of the grey drone-fly, from Micrographia. London: John Martyn & James Allestry. Printers of the Royal Society, 1665

This superb engraving depicts what the seventeenth-century English scientist, Robert Hooke, observed when exposing the head of a grey drone-fly through the lens of a microscope. The greatest section of the head was nothing else but two large “protuberant bunches,” mostly covered by thousands of tiny hemispheres arranged in “triagonal order”.

You Must Judge a Book by its Cover!

Gauffered edge from our copy of two medical commentaries by the sixteenth-century Italian doctor, Leon Roganus Caietanus: Leonis Rogani Caietani Medici, in Galeni Libellum de pulsibus, ad tyrones, Commentarius; Leonis Rogani Caietani Medici de urinis libri tres.  Venice: Jacobus de Maria, 1575

This recently acquired edition of two medical commentaries by the sixteenth-century Italian doctor, Leon Roganus Caietanus, is bound in limp vellum with bevelled boards, and the gilded edges of the text block have been expertly decorated, or gauffered, with a special tool.


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