Yes, Chef: A Memoir

Yes, Chef Book Cover

Yes, Chef follows the life of Marcus Samuelsson from his early days in Ethiopia, his mother’s death (and his becoming an orphan), to his adoption by a Swedish couple, through his cooking education and apprenticeships, and on to his success as a New York chef and a winner of Top Chef Masters.

Samulesson (with co-author, Veronica Chambers) moves back and forth between the different parts and places of his life and gives readers an inside look at the nearly military hierarchy of the professional kitchen.  Alongside his growth from a child learning the love of cooking in his grandmother's kitchen, through his around-the-world apprenticeships in various restaurants where he explored the combination of various flavors and ingredients,  to his eventual rise to chef/owner of Harlem’s Red Rooster restaurant, he shares his life story as a toddler in Ethiopia, growing up as a soccer playing boy in Sweden, his relationships with is adoptive family, eventual meeting with his birth father, and his own steps and missteps as a father.

You can check this book out from the Hatcher Graduate Library.