We Know What You Read This Summer!

A collage of book covers, representing titles shared by students at the Party for your Mind.

Collage of book titles shared by students at the Party for Your Mind

We may be in autumn now, but let’s take a moment to look back at some favorite reads from this past summer...

Last month, at the Party for Your Mind, students shared what they read over the summer by writing the title (and sometimes author) on post it notes. Then they stuck them up on a large window in the Shapiro Design Lab:


Sticky notes on a window


People shared books, plays, magazines, comic books, poetry, blogs, and other online writing.

There were some really creative responses, like a person who drew the Tumblr logo:

hand-drawn Tumblr logo

One student even put up a post-it note with 21 titles on it!


Another posted a mysterious symbol:

mysterious symbol on sticky note

Is this hangman? A secret language? Abstract art? I’m just not sure. Was this you? Please comment and explain!

With some help from the Design Lab, I was able to use a python program to pull cover images of the books students shared and make them into a collage:

collage of book covers


To view a larger version, which lets you zoom in, click here.

Some of the most popular books were:


Other responses which you can borrow from the Shapiro Undergraduate 2nd Floor Browsing Collection are:



What was your favorite summer read? Is there anything you’ve enjoyed so far this fall?

Tell us in the comments and share with your fellow Wolverines!