Relationship Reads

Book cover of Virginia Woolf's Orlando featuring light blue background and Renaissance era portrait painting of figure with long brown hair, brown eyes, and a high white lace collar.

Check out the new book display in the lobby of the Shapiro Library — Relationship Reads! 

This collection was curated by Madelin Chau, Joyce Lu, and Jessica Guo. We are part of the Peer Information Consultants (PIC) program at the University of Michigan Library. Stop by our drop-in consulting hours if you have any questions about navigating the library website, citing sources on your research paper, or forming a research topic! More information about the PIC program and how to connect with PIC students for research help can be found on the library's website


Love is in the air! While we often associate this time of year with romantic love, we worked together on a collection of books that explores love in all of its various forms: family bonds, platonic relationships, inseparable friendships, community ties, self-love journeys. And yes, we do have some romantic tear-jerkers in there. Whether you want to curl up with a feel-good story or learn helpful tips on how to improve your relationships, our collection has a book for you! We hope you love these book picks!

Spreadsheet of books included in this collection.