Our Best Chess

Photo of chess board.
Photo by Dan Zen courtesy of Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

My 60 memorable games, : selected and fully annotatedby Bobby Fischer

While the story of Bobby Fischer the man is complex and at times ugly, there's no arguing with his genius on the chessboard. Here Fischer provides an insider's view on some of his most interesting matches.

Endgame : Bobby Fischer's remarkable rise and fall -- from America's brightest prodigy to the edge of madnessby Frank Brady

Dick Cavett has said of Endgame, "Even if you don’t give a damn about chess, or Bobby Fischer, you’ll find yourself engrossed by Frank Brady‘s book about Fischer, which reads like a novel." Brady, who befriended Fischer at a young age, paints a fascinating portriat of Fischer both as a man and a chess legend.

The life and games of Mikhail Talby Mikhail Tal

Another behind-the-curtain look at the chess genius of a world champion. Tal is best known for his sharp attacks and brilliant sacrifices.

My system : a treatise on chessby Aron Nimzovich

A classic among chess classics, Nimzovich introduces players to foundational ideas in chess — development, endgame strategy, what to do with all those dang pawns — as well as positional play. A rewarding first book for those ready to make a foray into studying the royal game.

Birth of the chess queen : a historyby Marilyn Yalom

The queen was not always the most powerful piece on the board. Yalom explores her evolution.

The kings of New York : a year among the geeks, oddballs, and geniuses who make up America's top high school chess team by Michael Weinreb

USA Today's review says the book "does for high school chess what Buzz Bissinger’s 1991 bestseller, Friday Night Lights, did for high school football.”


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