Learn another language this December!

Did you know that the month of December is officially designated for learning a second language? Snag a book for break to brush up on your language skills or start learning something completely new! 

The Undergraduate Library has an array of language-learning materials in its collection. Fluent in 3 Months and Fluent Forever can help you learn tips and tricks to lock your language skills down. 

Maybe you’ve already taken a semester or two of a language as part of your degree requirements, but would like to use the break to expand your vocabulary. Try checking out books from the 501 verbs series on French, Italian, Russian, German, Japanese, and Spanish. You can also check out other grammar-focused texts like Dutch: an Essential Grammar or Portugeuse: an Essential Grammar. 

If you’re into self-teaching and want to try something new over break, look to materials like Chinese (Mandarin) the Short Course, Teach Yourself Turkish, or Polish the Short Course. The Undergraduate Collection has a wide range of beginning language course materials. A few others included are Czech, Vietnamese, Korean, and Arabic

This spreadsheet provides a complete list of the books on display and can help you locate the books after the display comes down.