The French Dog: For the Francophile Dog Lover In You

Cover of The French Dog, image of two dogs

After years of dog-sitting the pooches of both friends and family I have slowly come to appreciate dogs on a deeper level. I might not own a dog just yet but I enjoy snuggling with the therapy dogs who visit Shapiro Library each year, or being able to meet my dog owner friends at the dog park as we throw a tennis ball for Chester and Opal Lee to catch and retrieve. When I stumbled upon The French Dog by Rachael Hale I was instantly drawn in.

This is a beautiful book that showcases the lives of dogs living in France: modern city dogs walking by the Seine in Paris, working dogs herding goats on a rocky mountainside, and well-mannered dogs living in regal surroundings.

Duke and Elvis, two Jack Russell brothers, happen to call Château de Beauregard home.

two dogs, Duke and Ellis, on a couch

Each morning, after racing around the property, when the two brothers finally slow down they are rewarded with “a sit on the horse for Elvis” and a nap.

Other details of this coffee table book include a Bulldog named Bailey who has recently moved from Ireland and is now making new friends in a dog park beneath the Eiffel Tower. This also gives Bailey’s owner the chance to make new friends as well.

three dogs, two bulldogs

The French Dog is a beautifully mastered book and the gorgeous photography of Rachael Hale truly captures the spirit of dogs living throughout France. The French Dog is available at the Fine Arts Library.