August is National Wellness Month!

Nourish your mind and body by celebrating National Wellness Month! The August display of Undergraduate Library books in the Shapiro Lobby highlights self-care through focusing and improving physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Get physical with a variety of books on exercise and fitness! Learn how to Deskercise! at work, hone your yoga skills with Do Your Om Thing, and focus on strength training through A Woman’s Guide to Muscle and Strength. Develop a plan for total-body fitness that works for you with Fitness: Steps to Success. In Understanding Fitness, you can learn more about just how being physically healthy affects our bodies as a whole. 

Help manage stress and anxiety through books like 8 Keys to Stress Management, How to Stay Sane, Seeking Serenity, and The Science of Stress Management. Explore exercises for practicing mindfulness with Mindful Tech and The Mindful Brain

Sleep and nutrition also affect our physical, mental, and emotional health! Learn better sleep techniques with How to Sleep Well. Explore how the food we eat can be used to heal ourselves in Passionate Nutrition

This spreadsheet provides a complete list of the books on display and can help you locate the books after the display comes down.