Arab American Heritage Month 2021

Detail from The Fig Tree by Leila Abdelrazaq.

In celebration of Arab American Heritage Month, check out this selection of novels, poems and essays from Arab American writers!

Home is not a country, by Safia Elhillo (2021)

Love is an ex-country : a memoir, by Randa Jarrar (2021)

Deluge, by Leila Chatti (2020)

The Thirty Names of Night : a novel, by Zeyn Joukhadar (2020)

I was their american dream : a graphic memoir, by Malaka Gharib (2019)

The wrong end of the table : a mostly comic memoir of a Muslim Arab American woman just trying to fit in, by Ayser Salman (2019)

Mare Nostrum, poems by Khaled Mattawa (2019)

Amreekiya : a novel, by Lena Mahmoud (2018)

The opening, by Leila Abdelrazaq (2017)

Salt houses, by Hala Alyan (2017)

Hagar : poems, by Mohja Kahf (2016)

A curious land : stories from home, by Susan Muaddi Darraj (2015)

Birds of paradise: a novel, by Diana Abu-Jaber (2012)

My name on his tongue : poems, by Laila Halaby (2012)

Loom : a novel, by Thérèse Soukar Chehade (2010)

Angeleno days : an Arab American writer on family, place, and politics, by Gregory Orfalea (2009)

The Night counter : a novel, by Alia Yunis (2009)

Letters from Cairo, by Pauline Kaldas (2007)

The new belly dancer of the galaxy : novel, by Frances Khirallah Noble (2007)

The Cairo House : a novel, by Samia Serageldin (2000)

Hayati, my life : a novel, by Miriam Cooke (2000)

Thinking class : sketches from a cultural worker, by Joanna Kadi (1996)

Explore further with this even broader compilation of resources!