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Delicious! A Novel

Delicious!: A Novel cover art

Memoirist and food journalist, Ruth Reichl's first contemporary novel takes us into the world of a long-standing food magazine. The former Gourmet editor knows this setting and its inhabitants well. The heroine, Billie Breslin, has left college and moved from California to New York City to work for Delicious! an iconic culinary magazine as the editor's assistant. With her impeccable palate and interest in writing, this is the perfect job for her.

Death in a Strange Country by Donna Leon

Cover of Death in a Strange Country by Donna Leon

In this second book in Donna Leon's mystery series featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti of the Venice police, Brunetti investigates the murder of an American soldier in Venice. At first it seems that the man was the victim of a robbery, but Brunetti uncovers a conspiracy involving the dumping of toxic waste. It seems the Italian government, the American military, and the Mafia are all involved, and Brunetti risks offending the rich and powerful as he works to solve the murder.