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Video Games Studies Guide

We've published a new LibGuide for Video Game Studies. It covers "the academic analysis of various aspects of computer, console, arcade, and Internet games," from both social science and humanities perspectives. This guide was created by Ben Nanamaker, one of our University Library Associates here at the AAEL.

Study on violent video games and children

A paper was recently published in the March 2010 issue of the Psychological Bulletin documenting a study done on the effects of violent video games on children. One of the contributors was Prof. Bushman of UM. Some of the conclusions reached in the paper are as follows: "We believe that debates can and should finally move beyond the simple question of whether violent video game play is a causal risk factor for aggressive behavior..."

What Happens to Old Web Games?

John Scalzo (of the Video Game Librarian blog) has a nice article over on Gaming Target called "Bejeweled Blitz and the Disappearing Web Games." In it, John talks about the difficulty in preserving Web games when the developer is not longer interested in making them available.


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