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Another Perspective on Violence and Video Games

Authored by Ben Nanamaker: With one of the top video game blogs dedicating this week to posts about gamers’ love affairs with guns, and with several bloggers in the past month or two also discussing violence in video games, I thought it was a good time to analyze what’s being said and how it differs from the usual take on video games and violence.

Medical training through video games

An article on the UMHS website explores how and why video games might help the new generation of medical students to excel in their preparations for becoming doctors - everything from helping them to choose their specialties to helping them learn how to perfect surgical incisions.

Sports Games & Physical Activity

A study involving the connection between physical activity and sports-related video games has been completed by the International Sports Marketing department at the Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales, who came to the conclusion that there is a correlation between the level of physical activity and sports games due to the fact that sports games tend to inspire people under the age of 21 to pursue the same sports in real life.

Game development picking up steam at UM-Flint

UM-Flint offers a game development track in their Computer Science program, which is picking up steam amongst other departments, such as their Nursing program, where they are using educational games to teach their students. Students from a number of departments are getting involved in the game development, including the Computer Science, Nursing, Biology, Communication and Visual Arts departments.


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