Proxy Server Bookmarklet -- Updated for iPad

The Proxy Server Bookmarklet (originally released in September 2009, and described in the post titled Proxy Server Bookmarklet for iPhone) has been updated to include instructions for using it on an iPad, as well as on an iPod Touch or iPhone. Installation is now a bit simpler than it was since the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch now allow copying and pasting.

The Proxy Server Bookmarklet allows you to take any web page you are viewing on your handheld device and redirect it through the library's proxy server. You might want to do this if you have found an article through a web search engine but cannot access the full text because you are off campus. Simply tapping this bookmarklet will give you a chance to log in and return to the article so you can get the full text.

See the MLibrary Proxy This Bookmarklet for iPhone and iPad for installation instructions. There are also instructions for configuring the popular Papers application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for use with the library proxy server.

on June 23, 4:18pm

Very convenient--do you know if it works for Android and other phones, or only the Apple products?

Ken Varnum
on June 23, 4:20pm

It should work within the Android version of your web browser, but we haven't tested it. The JavaScript works in a variety of PC-based browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE). Let us know your experience with Android browsers.