Preview of the New Collection Builder Tool

Over the past year we've been developing a new collection building tool to be used in conjunction with the MBooks "page-turning" application already available. This tool will allow users to create their own collections of MBooks items and view public collections created by others. Users will also be able to do full text searching across all items within a collection. We're still working out some bugs and interface issues but hope to release soon. Check back in July!

MBooks preview


Susan J Wortman
on June 10, 9:30am

..."page-turning" application? Did I miss something?

Kat Hagedorn
on June 10, 9:36am

The page-turning application is what you're used to in MBooks-- it allows you to view the pages of the item. Not the best term, we agree!

David Fulmer
on June 23, 3:03am

Here are some of my observations... When you are viewing all of your collections and you click on make private or make public for an individual collection, the description of your collection gets deleted. This may be as intended but I was not expecting it. When you are viewing a particular collection and you use the radio button to change it from Private to Public or vice versa the description does not get deleted. A few unusual characters seem to cause problems when viewing a collection. For instance, in my Classical Epics collection I've got "Virgil's Aeneid" but for a while the title got cut off after "Virgil's" where there is a character combining a and e (I moved it to another collection and back and now the entire title displays). Also, in the collection Just for the heck of it, the title "The Parsis in India..." gets cut off at an ampersand (although there are many titles in other collections with ampersands that don't get cut off). I like the way you've included the item record description in the Title; that helps with multipart monographs and serials. I also really like the MBooks homepage (but I don't think scanning is completed at Buhr). And the Historical Bicycling collection is great! Now I want to be able to write in the MBooks, review them and see which MBooks are the most popular. (Parenthetically, you might want to consider allowing HTML in comments for the Blog for Library Technology. It may cut down on the number of follow up posts explaining URLs in preceding posts and it would allow people to link to things like electronic book browsing webpages.)

Ken Varnum
on June 23, 9:05am

HTML is now turned on....

Suzanne E Chapman
on June 23, 12:04pm

Thanks for the feedback David! The disappearing description is definitely a bug and we're now working on fixing it. We think we've fixed the clipped title problem so let us know if you continue to have problems. Your requests will be noted! These are all things on our long-term list... now we just have to prioritize what comes next.