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Updates to Our UM OAI Provider

We have been making improvements to our OAI provider (UMProvider). We host the metadata for HathiTrust public domain texts through the provider, as well as all the metadata for text and image collections in the UM Digital Library. Our first improvement was to make it faster to harvest. Our provider uses mySQL tables to store, sort and provide access to the metadata. Our method for sorting the data was one of the causes for the slowness of the harvesting. Our second improvement comes from...

Google Still Not Indexing Hidden Web URLs

Our recent article in D-Lib Magazine is a follow-up to the McCown et al. article in IEEE Internet Computing two years ago, in which the researchers investigated the percentage of URLs from OAI records in Google, Yahoo and MSN search indexes. We were interested in whether Google in particular had increased the number of OAI-based resources in its search index.