Mirlyn Mobile

MirlynMobile image Have you ever wanted to look up a book when you were deep in the heart of the library stacks, riding the bus, or between sets at the gym? We have! The User Experience Department, along with Library Systems, is proud to present Mirlyn Mobile. Mirlyn Mobile is designed to bring the powers of the library catalog to your handheld device. Take your research needs in stride with the smartphone-optimized mobile catalog. To access Mirlyn Mobile, point your mobile device's web browser to m.mirlyn.lib.umich.edu (works with desktop browsers, too).



on Jan. 7, 11:52pm

I just spent the whole weekend in a complex search of records marking dozens of FAVORITES from thousands of records and none of the FAVORITES saved even though they were marked with a yellow star. Don't waste time using the FAVORITES feature. It doesn't work.

Ken Varnum
on Feb. 9, 3:04pm

Kp -- I'm sorry you had that experience. We investigated and unfortunately weren't able to restore your favorites. In the process, we discovered that Mirlyn Mobile had not worked with Favorites since August 2017. While this is no consolation to you, we have removed Favorites from the mobile interface so that others do not suffer the same problem. It is still available in the full version of the catalog. As part of our new search interface (the public beta is at https://search.lib.umich.edu/) we are rewriting the Favorites tool.