How Easy To Read is Your Web Content?

Screenshot of the Readability Test Tool
A screenshot of the Readability Test Tool.

One of the keys to successful web content is having pages that are easy to read and to digest.

There's a time and place for dense, meaty, thought-provoking paragraphs — but a task/information-oriented web page usually isn't it.

One of the best tools I've found for quickly and easily reviewing web pages is The Readability Test Tool.

It tells you:

  • how many words and sentences you have
  • how many complex words (and what percent of your text they comprise)
  • the average number of words per sentence
  • and provides both an approximate reading grade level, and color-coded scores for six different readability scales

Like any tool, one has to use it thoughtfully (not every circumstance will warrant all the scores being in the green) — but it can serve as a great spot check after a first draft, or when assessing pages for updating and revision.