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HathiTrust Search Experiment Goes Live!

Immediately after the HathiTrust announcement, one blog said that we'd built the digital library but forgot the front door. Why? Because there was no search functionality included in the initial release. Large scale search has always been a goal and we now have the first attempt at meeting that goal.

A New HathiTrust Collection for the New Academic Year

Start the new year with a look at some Historical Advice to Undergrads. Covering the period from 1856 to 1941, these guides, handbooks, and (let's be frank) sermons offer advice on scheduling your time, choosing appropriate courses, being popular, and remaining virtuous in the face of the temptations that will surround you on campus.

Languages in MBooks

Many people have asked us about the languages available in MBooks. In particular, they want to know if Google is providing searchable text for non-Western languages or difficult scripts. Most Western European languages have been available from the beginning of the project, but here are some examples of books in languages that Google has added in the past few years.

Top Ten MBooks Collections

Three weeks after it was launched, we can say a little bit about MBooks collection builder usage. Right now, there are 47 public collections (more than half were created by LIT staff) and 170 personal collections.

New MBooks!

As previously mentioned, we've been working on expanding the functionality of our MBooks system. The new interface now allows users to create their own collections of MBooks items and view public collections created by others. Users can also do full text searching across all items within a collection.


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