HathiTrust "Search in this text" -- Now with Relevance Ranking and Better Multilingual Support!

Today we released the third high priority feature identified by the HathiTrust Full-Text Search Working Group: relevance ranking for "Search in this text."

Now when using the "Search in this text" feature, instead of having to scroll through numerous pages of results in page order, the results are now returned in relevance order with most relevant pages at the top of the list. The default is to list only pages that contain all the words in a user's search (a Boolean "AND" search.) However, there is also a link that will search for pages containing one or more of the search terms. If this option is selected, the pages containing more of the user's search terms are ranked higher. In addition to relevance ranking, searching for non-Latin languages such as Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, or Thai, now matches the capabilities of the Full text search of all 9 million volumes.