Changes to the University of Michigan OAI Data Provider

We've made some changes to the University of Michigan OAI data provider.

The data provider now reflects the fact that we are providing records from the HathiTrust Digital Library (, formerly called MBooks. From reading this blog, you probably know that the HathiTrust Digital Library contains Google-digitized books and journals from a consortium of institutions including the University of Michigan.

Consequently, OAI sets that were originally named "mbooks" are now named "hathitrust". If you're harvesting us, please change your harvesting protocols to reflect this.

In addition, we have modified the MARC and oai_dc formats to correct and amplify the information we are providing, based on feedback from those who have harvested us in the past. For instance, the 245 field now includes the statement of responsibility (subfield c). We hope the records will be more useful as a result.

We'd love to hear any feedback you might have on the changes.