ArticlesPlus: Article Discovery on MLibrary Site

Our Articles search is now even better. The University of Michigan Library is now using Serials Solutions Summon article discovery tool for the new improved ArticlesPlus tool. Now, when you search the ArticlesPlus tab on the library web site, you are searching across 190 million full-text and citation-only records available to the University of Michigan community through the University of Michigan Library.

ArticlesPlus Search Box (screenshot)

Rather than using either Summon's default interface or VuFind (which we use for Mirlyn, the library's catalog), we built the tool in the library's web site in Drupal. We did this using a custom module that interacts with Summon's Solr index through their API to retrieve search results and facets. (If you are interested in the Drupal module we developed, please contact us -- we're putting together a version for public release later this fall.) The site's design was created by the library's User Experience Department working with a group of librarians. Just as with any Summon installation, anyone can search ArticlesPlus and see citations. It is at the point of clicking through to the full text by clicking the "MGet It" icon, taking you through to our link resolver, that you must authenticate. In the next few months, we'll be adding articles searches to our one-search MLibrary search and adding librarians to the articles results pages. We're also soliciting feedback from ArticlesPlus users through a survey link on the site. If you try ArticlesPlus, let us know what you think!

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Ken Varnum
on Sept. 27, 4:31pm

Corrected a typo -- the first sentence of the first paragraph read "Rather than using either Summon's default interface of VuFind". That should have been, "Rather than using either Summon's default interface or VuFind"

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