Learning More About Django

Django is a “Python web framework that encourages rapid development in clean, pragmatic design.” A “web framework” is a collection of tools used to build websites. Django is resourceful for helping to make database queries, comes with URL routing to determine how to follow the flow of a URL request. Django is not a programming language, Django is a tool written in the Python programming language, and is used to develop websites. Also, Django is not a web server although it does contain a built-in web server for convenience.

I am currently working on an accessibility-focused project that requires Django so that the site can function like an application. However, the application will be web-based. It was recommended by one of the staff members at Shapiro Library to use Django for this project. Also, there are a lot of good resources online that does a good job of step by step tutorials including Django professional website and Lynda is an additional resource. Lynda is useful when I need clarification and videos for further help as it does not require a lot of reading. Lynda is straightforward and provides additional details when needed.

The Lynda.com course on “Create a Django project” does a good job of step-by-step video tutorials so that beginners have a good idea of how to create a project and have some success. The course introduces what Django is and its purpose. It shows how to install python, Django, create a Django project and Django app. It does a good job of breaking down concepts and understanding how to work with these concepts such as working with Django Models and admin, building URL Handlers and Views, and building Django Templates.

The step by step tutorial on the official Django website and Django Course on Lynda were helpful as it allowed me to work on the website for Shapiro Design Lab. It also allowed me to make a lot of progress in the website with a limited amount of frustrations.


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