Knitting workshop at the Ann Arbor District Library:

Are you feeling stressed? Needing to take a breather from school or campus? Well, I sure did! And I accomplished this by getting an Ann Arbor District Library card and attending a knitting class at the downtown location this past Monday. First, if you don’t have an AADL library card, I highly recommend (and so does our fellow library resident Nicco, who encouraged me to get mine!). Not only are there some interesting classes, but the library is also full of resources that you can rent such as telescopes, sewing machines, and artwork for your home.

The knitting class was truly everything I needed and more. They provided the supplies, instructions and support. Before I knew it I was knitting like a pro (ok, like an amateur, but it felt like I was on a roll) and the staff and other class attendees were positively lovely. I learned how to cast the yarn, create a basic stitch and how to change between knit and pearl stiches. A couple weeks from now I’ll be attending a follow up session, bringing my own pattern, and starting on a pair of socks. So, if you’re in need of a creative outlet and looking to make some gear for the winter, definitely check this out! I highly recommend!