Introducing the North Campus WorkBench

North Campus WorkBench

The North Campus WorkBench has been revamped with new tools and a more navigable room layout.

Hi! My name is Isaac Levine, and I’m the supervisor for the new and improved WorkBench space inside of the Digital Media Commons. I’d like to introduce you to the resources available through this space, and also talk about exciting new developments.


This space is a 14' by 14' room geared toward electronics prototyping and fabrication projects. Available for use are most common values of capacitors and resistors, transistors, diodes, and sensors for integration with Arduino. I re-stock these items as they run low. We also have several different kinds of saws, drills, soldering irons, wrenches, files, and more tools for fabrication. We have a table with two maintained Weller soldering stations that are available for use 24/7 to those with MCard access. We have lots of scrap toys and old electronics to hack apart and use for projects, an oscilloscope, and power supplies that you may use.


The WorkBench is in Duderstadt Center Room 1401E, which is located inside of the VizLab. The room is open Tuesday through Friday from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM when I am available, and has a card reader for 24/7 user access. If you’d like to gain card access to the space, you can email to schedule a meeting where we’ll go over what you’d like to work on, as well as a brief safety and community standards training. After that, you will have access and can work on your project here whenever you'd like.

Coming Soon: Carvey

We have approved the purchase of an Inventables Carvey for the space. This is a self-contained CNC machine that can carve linoleum, HDPE, wood, ABS and more. We will be experimenting with this machine heavily during the month of December. Please do stop by if you’re interested in this resource! It should be arriving in a few weeks.