Hello, world!

Welcome to Lab Notes, the new blog from the Library’s Design Labs! 

The Design Labs are a network of peer-learning communities comprising Design Lab 1 and Design Lab 3 in the Duderstadt Center (North Campus) and the Shapiro Design Lab in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library (Central Campus). The Labs specialize in hands-on experimentation with new ideas and tools at every stage of your project. The Labs have numerous spaces and tools, including media production equipment, electronics soldering, prototyping materials, whiteboards, sewing machine, and more. We also have expert staff ready to help you get started. 

In the coming months, we’ll post a variety of content to Lab Notes:

  • Announcements and Events
  • Tutorials and walkthroughs from projects in the Labs
  • Photos and videos from events
  • Employment opportunities

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Come say hello!

Eleanor Daftuar
Director, Design Lab 1 + Design Lab 3

Justin Schell
Director, Shapiro Design Lab