Fort Fluffybutt

I am Victoria Alden, the manager of the Women in Science and Engineering program. In addition to my passionate commitment to promoting women and femmes in STEM, I am passionately committed to my backyard flock of fat, fluffy chicken princesses. This is our alpha hen Misty looking dignified in front of the barn. She has sisters Boonkerd, Kikimora, and Kumakatok.

Picture of misty

I just finished building an extension to their chicken palace, and it needed to be christened with a new name. I asked the Design Lab if they could help me, and they enthusiastically agreed. Erica and Stephanie were amazing. They were so helpful and kind teaching me to use the laser engraver and so supportive of my project. It turned out better than I could have imagined. Fort Fluffybutt shall never fall! 

Finished Sign

Below you can see it installed. It looks great, and I love it. I will definitely return to the Design Lab for more projects, chicken-related or otherwise. I hope we can collaborate to host outreach programs that will get women, girls, and their allies excited about making. Thank you so much! All glory to Fort Fluffybutt! 

fort fluffybutt1