Deep Listening

I chose the LDC Deep Listening workshop because I want to improve my interpersonal skills and help ensure I’m effectively listening and communicating with others. The workshop was designed with the intention of “to create a space in which attendees can learn and further develop inclusive interpersonal communication skills with their peers”. This session and the connected readings frame listening as an active thing to prepare for, and allows for deeper understanding and intercommunication.

I learned the difference between active and deep listening, where deep listening involves being silent, setting aside your responses and listening to understand rather than to respond. It is a technique that will be very useful in stressful or conflict-heavy situations, because it allows for more effective understanding and communication to resolve conflicts.

I would recommend this workshop to others as a tool to improve communication and create better understanding, both between colleagues and when interacting with library patrons.

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Jasmine Pawlicki
on Feb. 5, 3:42pm

Thank you for attending the session!

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