Posts on March 2017
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Student Spotlight: Carolyn Gearig

When I think about my time in the design lab, I am struck by all that I have learned about the resources and fields of study at this University. I’m a School of Information undergraduate senior, and the network I am surrounded by at the Lab is the most academically diverse I have encountered in college. Every week, I meet and work with librarians, PhD students, master’s students and undergraduates in an environment where we are all equals who learn from one another.

Student Spotlight: Alexis Stanton

image of Design Lab Resident Alexis Stanton

Throughout my time in the Design Lab, I have embarked upon a journey—a continuation of my quest to better understand various online community spaces and the potential connection between social media and healing. Specifically, I have been interested in how social media impacts Black women’s mental health and well-being, and thus, are Black women potentially curating self-definitions, online, through cultivating healing, affirming, and authentic social media spaces?