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Should You Be Flipping Too?

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One of the hottest trends in higher education is the flipped classroom. We all know that some trends don’t end up having much staying power, but this one seems to be here to stay. Briefly, the flipped classroom is about using 21st-century digital learning strategies in the classroom and engaging learners outside of the classroom.

Teaching With Technology: How Can I Include All Students

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On November 4th, Rachel Niemer and Theresa Braunschneider (CRLT) provided the library with a lightly customized version of their “Teaching With Technology: How Can I Include All Students” workshop. The workshop explores “the intersection of technology and inclusive teaching” and discusses “the inadvertent assumptions about learners’ bodies and resources often implicit in assignments and classroom activities using technology.”

Collaborative Professional Development for Librarians who Teach

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On Wednesday, October 29th, 2014, the CIC Instruction Librarians group met remotely to discuss professional development. Four librarians presented: Anne Behler (Penn State); Leslin Charles (Rutgers); Lisa Hinchliffe (Illinois); Cinthya Ippoliti (Maryland). Much of their presentation sounded familiar, validating our efforts here at U-M. A few of the most innovative programs sparked a flurry of questions in the online chat and got me wondering about the viability of similar efforts here.

Digital Badges and Librarians

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Just as a physical Girl Scout or Boy Scout badge indicates an accomplishment or rank, so does a digital badge. Digital badges are electronic files that are represented with an image and corresponding information that can validate a person’s accomplishment is embedded with the file - including links to the issuing organization, a list of requirements, and evidence for completion of those requirements. Digital badges can be displayed on a personal, professional, or academic website, or shared...

Meet The Steering Committee

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There are six members of the Instructor College Steering Committee this year.  Diana and Jungwon are returning, Harold is rejoining after a hiatus, and Nandita and Nancy are new to the group.  We are looking forward to working together to offer engaging programming and forward-leaning resources for library instruction. 

Active Learning Panel

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Instructor College hosted an Active Learning Panel on May 24, 2013. Thirty librarians attended and heard from five colleagues, each of whom demonstrated an active learning exercise used in instruction. Colleagues presented on various tools and techniques they use to more actively engage their students.


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