Speed Networking

Post it notes with responses
At the end of the event participants shared if they learned something interesting

On February 24, 2012, the Instructor College hosted a cross-campus library speed-networking event in the Hatcher Gallery, where participants shared their ideas about instruction with their colleagues. In this event, participants sat across from each other in long rows and exchanged in five minute conversations.  There were three separate rounds addressing the following questions, with comments shared broadly between each round:

What are some of your favorite instruction strategies and/or exercises?

  • An instructor at the Taubman Health Sciences Library works with medical students to answer relative questions and has the faculty member provide context via an example
  • An instructor in Research modifies her lesson plan after teaching based on interactions with students
  • An instructor in Learning and Teaching teaches faculty how to make better use of CTools – encouraging faculty to see CTools as students would
  • Before an instruction session, an instructor in Research sends out a survey to assess how she can round out her lesson plan; she posts answers to the survey at the beginning of the session so students can see that others in their class have the same issues

What are some of the ways you have worked with faculty to integrate the library into their classes?

  • An instructor at the Taubman Health Sciences Library is on the curriculum committee at the School of Dentistry – which enables him to see how faculty need to incorporate instruction into their classes
  • Instruction should happen at all levels, instruction is not just about the faculty’s instruction of students; it should include GSI’s, community and faculty

What do you see as the biggest instructional challenge that you face?

  • Time (time to prepare, time to talk to students during instruction)
  • Keeping students engaged
  • Having to keep up with resources
  • Showing faculty how to use Google scholar – there’s a bit of tension there because faculty want to show students how to use other resources, when the instructor knows there are good things to show about Google scholar
  • Accessibility issues – considerations for accessibility

What are your thoughts on the above questions? Can you relate to their responses?