Meet The Steering Committee

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There are six members of the Instructor College Steering Committee this year.  Diana and Jungwon are returning, Harold is rejoining after a hiatus, and Nandita and Nancy are new to the group.  We are looking forward to working together to offer engaging programming and forward-leaning resources for library instruction.  We invite you to contact any one of us with questions or suggestions.

Nandita Mani, PhD

I joined the University of Michigan - Taubman Health Sciences Library in September 2012 and have had a variety of opportunities to utilize my background in instructional technology to analyze, design, develop, and implement instruction.  I am happy to be part of the Instructor College and have where I have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on issues pertaining to instruction and how each of us can make a difference in facilitating performance and improving learning outcomes.

Nancy Moussa

I have been developing web applications at Web system for more than four years. Recently I co-taught several instruction sessions on using Omeka, since then I found the power and joy to explain what you build for users. I am interested to learn, develop and apply instructional strategies that will help library instructors. I was honored to join Instructor College Steering committee.

Diana Perpich

I am honored to be a member of the Instructor College Steering Committee. I look forward to working with a group of colleagues that is as curious and passionate about best practices in the art of instruction as they are about the sciences of collection management, key-word searching, circulation services, etc.. Some of my favorite classroom moments are the ones when instructor becomes student and I learn something — usually from a student– about whatever I’m teaching or, better yet, about myself.

Sara Samuel  

Although I do not have any formal training in instruction, I’m excited to help organize events and initiatives that can help the library continue to provide top-notch instruction to our students, staff, and faculty. I enjoy one-on-one instruction, giving tours, and helping students discover a new and useful resource or service.

Harold Tuckett

I have been providing library instruction for users since 1981.  I have taught hundreds of instructional sessions and workshops for students, faculty, and staff, have developed and taught research methods courses, and was for ten years an adjunct instructor in the Graduate School of Information at UM. I have authored a variety of articles and conference presentations, and my 1984 article “Learning Theory and the Self-reliant Library User”, co-authored with Carla Stoffle, won the ALA-RUSA Reference Service Press Award in 1986 as “the most outstanding article published in RQ/RUSQ during the preceding two-volume year”. My  areas of particular interest include pedagogy and learning theory, and the application of active learning techniques in instructional sessions.

Jungwon Yang

In July 2012, I joined University of Michigan Library as International Government Information and Public Policy Librarian. I am interested in developing instruction resources and strategies which will help library instructors to effectively interact with various types of students and researchers. I believe that working on the Instructor College Steering Committee will be a great chance to learn about library instruction.

Please feel free to share your ideas here on the blog or contact us.