Introducing the 2012-2013 Instructor College Steering Committee

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We would like to introduce to you the members of the 2012-2013 Instructor College Steering Committee.

Paul Grochowski

I’m pleased to serve with the Instructor College Steering Committee. In my seven years of library instruction, I’ve found Instructor College events and initiatives like Lesson Study to be great opportunities to learn from and share with my colleagues. I hope to add to this year’s programming from my perspective of library instruction in the College of Engineering.

Ellen Mueller

As a recent newcomer to the library, engaging in the many ways librarians reach out to our community is something I hope to learn from. An integral part of successful instruction is the resources our librarians source to broaden their skills and further strengthen their professional growth. Along with my colleagues in the Instructor College, I look forward to developing programs and creating resources to promote their instructional abilities.

Angie Oehrli, Chair

As a former high school and middle school social studies/English teacher, I am really interested in the instructional efforts here at UM. I think it’s really important that we educate students to be information-literate citizens. I look forward to working with librarians during the coming year in the Instructor College.

Diana Perpich

I am honored to be a member of the Instructor College Steering Committee. I look forward to working with a group of colleagues that is as curious and passionate about best practices in the art of instruction as they are about the sciences of collection management, key-word searching, circulation services, etc.. Some of my favorite classroom moments are the ones when instructor becomes student and I learn something -- usually from a student-- about whatever I'm teaching or, better yet, about myself. I also very much enjoy the epiphany moments when lightning strikes and the power of possibilities lights up someone's face.

Whitney Townsend

I am excited to return to the Instructor College Steering Committee this year. In my position as a liaison services librarian at the Taubman Health Sciences Library I share primary instruction responsibilities in medical education as well as teaching sessions for my assigned departments in the Health System. I am looking forward to sharing my experience and excitement for teaching with this year’s Instructor College!

Jungwon Yang

In July 2012, I joined University of Michigan Library as International Government Information and Public Policy Librarian. I am interested in developing instruction resources and strategies which will help library instructors to effectively interact with various types of students and researchers. I believe that working on the Instructor College Steering Committee will be a great chance to learn about library instruction.

We look forward to crafting meaningful programs and services to support instructors in the UM Libraries. Please feel free to share your ideas here on the blog or email