Introducing the 2010 Instructor College Steering Committee

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Darlene NicholsDarlene Nichols, Chair "I have been a library instructor for 25 years and still enjoy the thrill of standing in front of a class and engaging them in the information hunt. I find those “ah-ha” moments, great and small, that students experience when they learn how to find what they need to be the most rewarding part of teaching. Instructor College is an important way for library staff to share knowledge and experience and to continue to develop instructional skills, whether first time instructors or 25+-year veterans."



Angie OehrliAngie Oehrli, Vice-Chair "As a former high school and middle school teacher, I am really interested in teaching and the types of instruction that librarians do. I think it’s really important that we educate students to be information-literate citizens. I look forward to working with librarians during the coming year in the Instructor College."



Mark McEachernMark McEachern "Hello! I’m excited to be involved in Instructor College again, for a second year. As a librarian in the health sciences, I’m primarily involved in graduate education. I regularly teach medical, dental, and pharmacy students, including residents and fellows -- plus faculty, both research and clinical. Teaching such a diverse range of users keeps instruction fresh, and keeps me loving the instruction I’m doing. …I’ll try to bring some of that to the Instructor College and its programming."



Julie PiacentineJulie Piacentine "Teaching is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work as a librarian.  I value the opportunity to help students develop as scholars and citizens.  As a new librarian and a new instructor, I am motivated and challenged to constantly improve my instructional skills.  The Instructor College has consistently provided me with programming and resources to serve that end.  I hope to bring the perspective of a new librarian to the Instructor College Steering Committee and to contribute to the support of library instructors at UM."



Laurie SutchLaurie Sutch "One of my favorite aspects of being an instructor is interacting with so many different people. People come in at a variety levels and with so many different needs that it is engaging for me to try to meet as many needs as possible - it keeps those workshops I do over and over and over again more interesting!"



Harold TuckettHarold Tuckett "I have been providing library instruction for users since 1981, both here at UM and for 5 years at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. I have taught hundreds of instructional sessions and workshops for students, faculty, and staff,  have developed and taught research methods courses, and was for ten years an adjunct instructor in the Graduate School of Information at UM. I have authored a variety of articles and conference presentations, and my 1984 article "Learning Theory and the Self-reliant Library User", co-authored with Carla Stoffle, won the ALA-RUSA Reference Service Press Award in 1986 as "the most outstanding article published in RQ/RUSQ during the preceding two-volume year". My  areas of particular interest include pedagogy and learning theory, and the application of active learning techniques in instructional sessions. When not engaged in increasing the information literacy of undergraduates, I am active in my church, and am a fan of baseball, hockey, movies, and jazz."



Ataul UsmanAtaul Usman "I joined Library HR in February 2010. I come to the Library from the Human Resources office at the UM-Dearborn campus, where I have served as an HR Administration Supervisor, providing training, recruitment guidance, benefits administration and support for the M-Pathways HR management system to unit HR representatives across the Dearborn campus. I am responsible for the day-to-day administration of policies and programs covering Library staff recruitment and appointment activities, as well as administration of our staff orientation and development program."



We look forward to crafting meaningful programs and services to support instructors in the UM Libraries.  Please feel free to share your ideas here on the blog or contact