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Student Spotlight: Dr. Rebecca M. Chung

L2P Project (Lead to Pixels): Dr. Rebecca M. Chung If someone sees a book image on a screen, are they truly reading a book? If not, then how can digitization be used to transmit the material and historical features of reading? The materiality of the text connects the creation of that text to its historical moment. Historical context is as much about paper composition, assembly techniques, enclosure styles, and chemical composition—as about dates or places or names. The L2P project works on...

Wobblies and Workers' Education

IWW flyer "Industrial democracy"

Preserving the history of labor movements has been core to the Labadie Collection’s mission since its very beginnings more than a century ago. In 2016, two important collections on 20th century labor organizing have been arranged to better facilitate research. The Joyce Kornbluh Collection (3.25 linear ft.) and the Don Stewart IWW Collection (3 linear ft.) conserve evidence of the regular confrontations between workers, corporations, and government throughout the past hundred years.


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