Russian Constructivist architecture in Moscow

Digital photograph of Zuev Workers' Club, Moscow
Il'ja Alexandrovic Golosov, Zuev Workers' Club, Moscow, 1927-1929
© Joy Ziegelei
Source: AAEL Digital Images

Thanks to a donation from Joy Ziegeweid, MUP '07, AAEL Images has a collection of 100 images of Russian Constructivist architectural monuments in Moscow. Taken in 2005, the images show the state of the buildings (and often their urban context) at that time. All images are licensed CC BY-SA, so anyone is free to use them with proper attribution! We're showing some lower-resolution versions here. For the full collection with a range of image sizes, just enter "Ziegeweid" in the search box.

Digital photograph of Narkomzem building in Moscow
Aleksey Shchusev,
Narkomzem [People's Commissariat for Agriculture], Moscow
© Joy Ziegeweid
Source: AAEL Digital Images


digital photograph of Textile Institute
Ivan Nikolaev,
Communal House of the Textile Institute, Moscow, 1929-1931
© Joy Ziegeweid
Source: AAEL Digital Images


digital image of Izvestia Building
Grigorii Barkhin and Mikhail Barkhin,
Izvestia Building (Variant II), Moscow, 1925-1927
© Joy Ziegeweid
Source: AAEL Digital Images


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