On Exhibit: Corine Vermeulen: Photographs from the Detroit Walk-In Portrait Studio

image of dancers

Courtesy of Corine Vermeulen and the Susanne Hilberry Gallery

Check out the exhibit of Corine Vermeulen's photos from the Detroit Walk-in Portrait Studio, now at the Detroit Institute of Arts! The online portion offers a generous sampling of the portraits of community members, and includes transcripts of the individuals' thoughts about their city.

"Dutch-born photographer - now Detroiter - Corine Vermeulen was commissioned by the Detroit Institute of Arts to photograph Detroiters in an effort to share their stories about the city and their engagement and support of its diverse communities. She set up temporary walk-in portrait studios in various Detroit locations beginning in the summer of 2013. Vermeulen photographed people from community organizations and independent neighborhood and social groups throughout the city.  Participants were asked about their current and future vision of Detroit, and their responses accompany their portraits in the exhibition." via DIA

image of bike rider
Courtesy of Corine Vermeulen and the Susanne Hilberry Gallery