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Digital Badges and Librarians

boy scout merit badges

Just as a physical Girl Scout or Boy Scout badge indicates an accomplishment or rank, so does a digital badge. Digital badges are electronic files that are represented with an image and corresponding information that can validate a person’s accomplishment is embedded with the file - including links to the issuing organization, a list of requirements, and evidence for completion of those requirements. Digital badges can be displayed on a personal, professional, or academic website, or shared...

Teaching and Learning Together: The U-M Library's Festival of Learning

librarians cutting paper at a table

While learning about knitting or cake decorating may not seem like professional development to most people, the act of teaching and the act of learning can be very powerful, especially if it is interest-driven. The staff at the University of Michigan Library are deeply involved in supporting learning at all levels: the identification, access and organization of information to inform learning, the instruction of techniques to support learning, and the provision of tools and services that can...

Meet The Steering Committee

speedboat steering wheel and control panel

There are six members of the Instructor College Steering Committee this year.  Diana and Jungwon are returning, Harold is rejoining after a hiatus, and Nandita and Nancy are new to the group.  We are looking forward to working together to offer engaging programming and forward-leaning resources for library instruction. 

Active Learning Panel

Critically Reflective Teacher

Instructor College hosted an Active Learning Panel on May 24, 2013. Thirty librarians attended and heard from five colleagues, each of whom demonstrated an active learning exercise used in instruction. Colleagues presented on various tools and techniques they use to more actively engage their students.


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